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CG brings tested courses to trainers, coaches, therapists and anyone that is willing to learn.  We offer online and live training in various disciplines.  The overall theme of our programs involving shaping the student and giving them real world skills that can be applied in their respective fields.  Our instructors develop their own courses which results in programs that are innovative and effective

Shoulder and Knee Training Specialist

3 days of live practical training teaching you how do assess and deal with common and uncommon complaints.  

Spinal Rehabilitation Trainer

3 days of training on how to assess common injuries to the neck, low back and pelvis.  Learn how to progress training to adapt to the struggle sof healing

Runners Clinic

a 1 day class revealing  injuries that the majority of runners face.  Learn how to treat those injuries and when to return to running 

Marathon Runners

Basic First Aid

For Coaches and Trainers

Geared towards coaches and trainers. Learn what to do in common emergencies that these professionals face in their daily lives

Children's Soccer Coach

Fascial Distortion Hypertrophy Training

Assist growth for weak body parts and structures.  Learn to utilize fascia to force and enable growth where you want it

Hyperblade Assessment and Therapy

Use the Hyperblade to treat and to assess your clients and athletes

Foot and Ankle Specialist

2 days of practical training on how to decipher symptoms that appear in common ankle and foot injuries and learn how to fix them


Blood Flow Restriction Training

How can BFR enhance your training and recovery.  This 2 day course will show you the ins and outs of BFR training




Researching how to stop aging in the body 

CALCPR Focuses on Antiaging Technology and Research.  We test theories and use naturally occurring substances to find ways to halt the aging process.  Please contact us for further information about our research

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